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Bonners Ferry, ID 83805

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"Our Family really enjoyed our stay! Thank you so much! The candy is for the children that made the stay so special! Thanks again! :)"
.Room #20 .
City, United States 08-09-2023
"Have a great and blessed day! Until next time keep smiling and remember you are beautiful! :) Freda The sink is super cool!"
Freda .
City, United States 08-09-2023
"We love the room. 2 kids: 17 & 13 year old thought it was 'cute' , rustic and charming. Very clean and comfortable. So Happy we got to stay with you at the Kootenai Valley Motel. Seems like a 'cabin' Big and spacious. Thanks so much! Christa W."
Christa w.
City, United States 08-09-2023
"Again, I just want to thank you for another wonderful night! The room is amazing! I haven't slept that good in a long time. Good choice of shampoo and conditioner. You guys are AMAZING. I truly enjoy it here."
.Freda .
City, United States 08-09-2023
"#4 Excellent service. Wonderful room. Thank you!"
Eric Y.
City, United States 08-09-2023
"Muchas Gracias Por Su Servisio. Nosvemos Pronto translated: Thank you so much For your service. See you soon"
forestry service service
City, United States 08-09-2023
"Hello! Hope all is well! Found a place to rent and it only took 4 months! :) It is 6 am - just got off work. This will be my last night here. What time is check out? I usually sleep until around noon after working such long hours. Thank you again for everything! I really enjoyed staying here! Most sincerely, Amy M. Ps: I'll make sure to drop my key in slot by the door. XOXOXO"
Amy M.
City, United States 08-09-2023
"Nice Place. Friendly people here. We enjoyed our short stay. Dave & Kathi Ps: The $10 is for the maid service. :)"
Rick Avey
City, United States 08-09-2023
"Absolutely wonderful! Very clean. Motel is in the middle of a renovation - but everything is done very well by the owners."
. ,
City, United States 08-09-2023
"AMAZING!! Beautiful Design! Room was spotless! Very happy :)"
M Lopez
City, United States 08-09-2023
"God Bless You!"
. .
City, United States 08-09-2023
"Our room was so cute and comfortable! The workmanship in this room is amazing, and thank you for such comfy beds!! :)"
Camela Hart
City, United States 08-09-2023
"I'm thankful to stay at a motel that is owned and operated by Christians. Amen!"
Marilee Norris-Walen
City, United States 08-09-2023
"What a cute place! Love the wood furniture. Most importantly, the amenities were perfect! We slept soundly despite being by the highway. Lovely shower. Comfy bed. Thank You! Ken & Heidi"
Ken & Heidi W
City, United States 08-09-2023
"Thank you so much for your hospitality, we were comfortable during our stay. We will remember your family business in our prayers. We left books for your family as gifts, God Bless!!"
Keepers of The Faith Quartet Keepers of The Faith Quartet
City, United States 08-09-2023
"This is a lovely place, Thank you!!"
.Room #3 7/24/23
City, United States 08-09-2023
"Thank you!!"
F. R.
City, United States 08-09-2023
"Thank You! :)"
Room 20
City, United States 08-09-2023
"Here is $10 for the maid. :) God Bless you! Dave & Kathi Deatherage"
Dave & Kathi Deatherage
City, United States 08-09-2023
"Shannon and Keira, Thank you again for the beautiful and fragrant flowers! I can't wait to stay with you guys next week! I hope you all have a great weekend! ~Aiden"
Aiden .
City, United States 08-09-2023
"Thank You!! Beautiful room! :) Cindy and John :)"
Cindy and John
City, United States 09-11-2023
"Congratulations! Thank you for a lovely stay! Love the lamps and the sink! ...And the fresh flowers! Canada"
Canada Canada
City, United States 09-11-2023
"Thanks!! Awesome people! Beautiful room! Beautiful place! Awesome stay! Wish was for more than one night. God Bless! (Ice cube tray - LOL) R & R"
R & R R & R
City, United States 09-11-2023
"#20 The room was lovely, thank you!"
City, United States 09-11-2023
"Thank You! Very nice Motel! Congratulations!"
.. ...
City, United States 09-11-2023
"Thank you for the delightful stay! The snacks were such a thoughtful touch and the room was so cute! We appreciate the cleanliness and hospitality! The Reas"
The Reas
City, United States 09-11-2023
"#6 The room was absolutely perfect! We LOVE LOVE LOVE!! God Bless You and your family! Deana :)"
Deana .
City, United States 09-11-2023
"Dear Shannon, Thank you for your kindness and compassion. Blessings, #7 SP"
>> >>
City, United States 09-11-2023
"Management and staff: Thank you for a very enjoyable stay...and what a pleasant surprise the night we arrived! A birthday cake! It's a memory I will always treasure! God willing, we will see you again next year! Take care! God willing, we will see you again next year! Take care! Jerry and Jean Ps: and about the flowers: Jerry id left side and Jean is the right :) both winners!!!"
Jerry and Jean
City, United States 09-11-2023

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6409 Main St.
Bonners Ferry, ID 83805